Colosseum Design Process
The Colosseum mod actually got its start as my MFA thesis project in which I explored the possibility of making an "educational shooter" in a brutally violent setting. After settling on the Jedi Outcast (Quake3) engine, I wrote a basic design
document and screenplay, then began
creating character models, props and textures while building the environment
in Radiant. Extensive details on this project can be found on the "official"
Colosseum site.

Colosseum Mod Official Site

"Mod of the Month"
- PC Gamer Magazine

"This is the best, most polished mod I've
ever seen for one of our games!"
- Mike Gummelt, Raven Software

"Winner, Best Jedi Knight 2
Map Competition (1st Place)"

"Who says games aren't art?"
- Computer Games Magazine

"Having played quite a few SP mods now,
I have to say that this is definitely my
favorite one. The map, the characters, the
scripting, the music - everything is
just wonderful."

Surely one of the best gaming mods
of all time!"

The Colosseum Level
Level design, textures, environment, lighting, scripting, story.

Characters and Props
Created in 3DS Max, Photoshop and DeepPaint 3D


2005 Jake Keating